Gazzali's Supermarket

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7000 Bancroft Ave.
Oakland, CA  94605

Mike Gazzali

Gazzali's is at the Eastmont Mall

For fresh produce and fruits

Large selections

Fresh meats daily

Large selections of meats

Check cashing is available

A great deli with its own large selections of foods

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What kind of products/services does Gazzali's Supermarket offer?

Gazzali's is an independent grocery offering services usually only found in large chain supermarkets.  We have a bakery, a deli and taqueria for takeout food, a full service butcher, Hispanic and Southern products, Glory and Zataran's.  Plus canned and packaged foods and fresh produce.
Why should a customer shop at Gazzali's?

We provide great customer service, the store is clean and fully stocked, and with a friendly, family oriented atmosphere.

How do differentiate Gazzali's from your competition?

We care about our customers; many come in every day.

How long have you been in business?

Four years.

What would your best customers say about Gazzali's?

That they love the store – they see friends from the community.  They always find what they're looking for.

What concerns do your customers have?

They want to be able to order special cuts of meat, talk to the butcher, and find produce they like.

How do your prices compare to other grocery stores?

We have competitive pricing and a lot of good sales.

What are you justifiably proud of – that Gazzali's does really well?

We are very proud of our customers service and providing customers with what they need.


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